Music in NYC

New York City is one the greatest cities in the world for music. The city helped shape multiple genres of music from hip hop to jazz and has some of the most famous music venues of all time. The incredibly diverse city has helped facilitate a unique music scene that boasts interesting fusions that have given birth to new genres of music, like Salsa music that was created from a variety of different Caribbean influences that were merged in the ultra diverse city scene. This article will provide a brief overview of the diversity of sound that is available in New York City and where fans can go to experience the music scene that the city has to offer.

New York City hosts some of the most notable venues for classical music of all time. Carnegie Hall is perhaps the most famous music venue of the past century. Though the venue has gone through rough times in the past, Andrew Carnegie’s legendary contribution to the city and to music remains one of the most acclaimed locations to experience classical music in the world. Radio City Music Hall also has a rich history as does the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, though this location does offer other shows in addition to music.

For jazz fans, there is no shortage of venues to enjoy the genre. New York City was one of the most important locations for the development of jazz and big names like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington spent a great deal of time both performing and developing their music in the city. NYC was also the place where jazz music began to diversify into swing and bebop variations on the classic. The city has not strayed far from its roots and still boasts some of the best jazz clubs in the world, such as Birdland, Smalls, and Iridium. Though clubs can be found throughout the city, Broadway remains a hot spot for some of the top jazz clubs.

NYC is a hot tour stop for any major group or artist and any current group can be seen at some of NYC’s biggest venues like the Roseland Ballroom and Madison Square Garden.

Disco and dance music has been heavily shaped by New York culture. New York’s most popular and edgiest clubs are known for influencing these genres of music. Clubs like Studio 54 and Paradise Garage were primarily responsible for the rise in popularity and prevalence of this genre. This music is now easily found in most New York clubs.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be New York City without hip hop music. The genre boasts a birthplace of New York City and the city continues to be one of the genres most important locations worldwide. Top hip hop artist as well as upcoming sensations can all be enjoyed at New York’s many different hip hop clubs that are dotted throughout the city, though Brooklyn in particularly noted for its selection of hip hop venues while many of the cities most acclaimed locations reside on Broadway.

And of course, who could forget about Broadway? A world capitol for musical theater, Broadway’s venues are often touted as the world’s finest facilities. Additionally, the city is a hot spot for the production of new shows. Fans can experience all kinds of theater productions presented by the greatest living performers.

NYC entertainment

The Entertainment Capital of the United States

For as long as there has been an entertainment industry in the United States, New York City has been a major center of that industry. Broadway, of course, has always been world famous for the many musical comedies put on there, and the city has also been a center for the folk revival of the 1960s and the rap music industry of the 1980s. Many famous TV shows, including Sesame Street, also take place in what Sinatra called “the city that never sleeps.” This article will serve as a guide to some of the most noteworthy entertainment places in New York. All are constantly having renovations and improvements done on them, so it is important to keep up with the latest news.

Radio City Music Hall

The “Showplace of the Nation,” as this venue has been named, is located in Rockefeller Center and was at one time the leading tourist destination in the Big Apple. It was first constructed in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who originally intended to call it International Music Hall. However, since the growing Radio Corporation of America was one of the first tenants of the complex, the present name caught on. Ray Bolger, Martha Graham and Doc Rockwell were the first to perform there. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular has always been a staple of Radio City Music Hall, and at various times it has also been the setting for episodes of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!


No discussion of the entertainment scene in New York City would be complete without a mention of Broadway, whose theaters have been considered to represent the commercial theater of the English-speaking world at its highest level, of which its famous musicals are but a sample. The moving of the Metropolitan Opera House to the area in 1883 can be said to be the starting point of Broadway as we know it today. Open-ended theaters that form part of the modern Broadway scene include the Helen Hayes, John Golden and Lyceum.

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall, built in 1891, is one of the biggest venues in the world for music, both classical and popular. The building is designed in the style of Italian Renaissance architecture, with its many arch-topped windows and decorative friezes. Composers and performers who have had their world premieres at Carnegie Hall include Antonín Dvořák, George Gershwin, Béla Bartók, Benjamin Britten, Duke Ellington and Leonard Bernstein. Zankel Hall and Weill Recital Hall are two of its main venues.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Lincoln Center, whose construction lasted from 1955 to 1969, is a large complex that houses several performance venues, among them:

  • the New York City Ballet
  • the New York City Opera
  • the Juilliard School of Music: About 850 drama, dance and music students, both undergraduate and graduate, undergo their training here. The school is older than Lincoln Center, having been erected in 1905.
  • Vivian Beaumont Theater: made in the style of a Broadway auditorium, the majority stage for the Lincoln Center Theater since 1985

Both the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera Association also put on their performances here.

NYC music

Live Music Venues

169 Bar- Chinatown’s original live music watering hole
Barbes- Brooklyn,NY ; doors spill out into the street
Blue Note- the world famous jazz club
Cake Shop- 152 Ludlow St ; It has local live music and cake, helps indie pop acts and are not concerned with tickets sales. The Pains at Being Pure at Heart gained recogition here
Cafe Wha- room for 250 in Greenwich Village hear live music opening 7 days a week and lots of dancing; Van Halen played here in 2012
Fat Baby- low-key, caged chandeliers, and metal railings bar/lounge in the Lower East Side 112 Rivington St. It also has a basement stage and a carpeted catwalk
Pianos- Great live music, another place for entertainment on the Lower East Side
Howler has played their indie rock here. It is a combination of forgotten optimism of The Replacements to the pessimism of The Strokes. The frontman Gatesmith sings on “America” “Come back to be with your bottle of fears/commit yourself to a steady career/ And that’s that”
Rodeo Bar-one of the longest running country music bar 375 3rd Ave
Delancy- three levels during the summer a premier rooftop bar
The Bell House- 149 7th St the duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. They played here for their release party of Teen Dream
The Living Room- 134 Metropolitan Ave; at home comfort Norah Jones graced the audience with her presence

Music Bands in NYC
Beirut-Fork and knives (La fete) most New York song ; their style is European gypsy music
MGMT- Time to Pretend is their most New York song ; their sound is psychedelic
The National- Fake Empire is their most New York song
Nada Surf-Blonde on Blonde: Cats and dogs are coming down/14th Street is gonna drown
Ric Ocasek produced their first album High/Low ; 1st hit “Popular”
Matt and Kim-Daylight is their most New York song their live show helped build a fan base
Vampire Weekend--their most New York song is Taxi Cab
intially a rap duo their sound is African with a reggae twist
Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks their sound is reminiscent of the folk music in the 60s

NYC Entertainers

NYC Entertainers


When people remember New York, they talk about brands, fashion and entertainment. Partying goes on forever in this place, whether it is for kids’ birthdays, celebrations, important events in people’s lives or anything else. Needless to say, NYC entertainers are the most sought after people in the entire world. They are unable to divest themselves from the great city with its glorious colors and flavors but even so, some NYC entertainers stand out from others.

The following are the 5 best NYC entertainment sources that every New Yorker is familiar with –

1. Robert Moy and Balloon Twisting – Robert Moy is a favorite with kids when it comes to balloon twisting. With a background in jewelry design, illustration, graphics and fashion, he is able to create the most amazing things with balloons. The party favorites include rockets, T. Rex, Hello Kitty and lovely tiaras. Working for the famous Brooklyn Balloon Company which was awarded the best kids entertainment title in 2013 by New York Magazine, this man is a genius.

2. Melissa Munn and Face Art – Face art is one of the most fun things that not just kids but even adults find enjoyable. Melissa Munn’s favorites that are requested by people everywhere are superheroes, particularly Spiderman, and zombies. Kids tend to favor butterflies, rainbow kittens and princesses. Tigers and other fierce animals are also pretty popular. The Met Ball in 2013 where the theme was Punk Couture saw famous names like Louis Vuitton who was most impressed by Melissa’s works. No one will forget the polka dotted tiny skull that Louis Vuitton sported at the same event.

3. Freddy’s for Nightlife and Entertainment – This place used to be at Atlantic Yards but they had to relocate. Being an old time bar and a happening place at that, the patrons and fans of the place didn’t go down without putting up a fight. In protest, they chained themselves to the bar and made the papers for quite some time. Thankfully though, the relocation was to an equally nice place – Park Slope, 5th Ave – where the bar is made of vintage mahogany and the protest chains are still in place. A nod to the past and a jig to the future, that’s how they like it at Freddy’s.

4. Carnegie Hall for Exemplary Music – Carnegie Hall is not the grandest or the biggest music hall in the world and yet, everyone in and out of New York has heard of it. Why? The simple reason is the unparalleled acoustics that this hall is blessed with. Be it the extremely popular Zankel Hall with its world and classical music, pop and edgy jazz, or the Isaac Stern Auditorium with jazz, opera and folk music, nothing is small about Carnegie Hall. It is the ultimate experience for a person looking for good music, great taste and exemplary ambience.

5. Abrons Art Center – This cultural hub boasts of three great theatres that offer exceptional entertainment. The Harry de Jur Playhouse offers great visibility, fixed seats and a lobby, and is the largest among the three theatres. For people who are looking to catch the crème de la crème of community and experimental productions, photography exhibits, music, plays and dance, this is the place to be.

New York has everything for a person looking to spend some time being entertained.

Business in NYC

It takes a certain kind of person to start their own business, in fact, there is a reason why they are referred to as entrepreneurs and that is because they are generally adventurous in nature. That is not to say that a business owner has to be adventurous to succeed, but if you are not prepared to take a leap of faith your chances of success are not as high. If you do make the choice to take that leap, finding the right location could help determine whether you will find things any easier.

Every business needs an audience to succeed and NYC has one of the largest audiences that there is, other than maybe the Internet. The Big Apple has been compared to the 11th largest economy in the world, which by itself makes it a great opportunity to grab more customers. With this kind of economic growth, it won’t take long before you are riding high on your success and taking part in many of the other benefits of living in the city, like being close enough to the Yankees to be able to purchase season tickets.

As a business owner, you get to call the shots. Don’t consider this to mean that you can do whatever you want, because technically speaking you really can’t. While you can choose the items you want to sell and the prices you ask for them, you will still have to answer to your customers. Unless you have been living in New York for a while, your own business in NYC will quickly change the way you look at transportation. This will be an opportunity to call the shots on how you get to and from your business.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you start, whether it is a Limo service that takes people to the La Guardia or JFK airports, or a bagel shop on 42nd street, you will be taking the risk as far as start-up costs are concerned. The good thing about that risk is that you will be the one reaping the rewards and when your wife or significant other asks to go shopping on 5th avenue, you will get to decide that one too.

People who start their own business in NYC make a conscious decision to put down roots in a fast paced environment and as the song says, the city that never sleeps. This is the place where tragedy has struck, but determination keeps things moving. New Yorkers may seem a little stuck-up to some people, but as a business owner, you will have many opportunities to meet them and make that determination for yourself. If you enjoy meeting new people, this is a great place to do it because there are so many of them.

One of the most important reasons for starting your own business is the personal accomplishment that you get from becoming successful. Business owners are not always successful at the business they start, but they knew going in that there would be a risk involved. And finally, if you like city life and you don’t mind using public transportation to get to and from your home, the sky is the limit (literally) whether you open a mom and pop restaurant, or a business offering accounting services. Just think about where that office could be located.

NYC Entertainment for Business

There is plenty of entertainment available for business, personal pleasure, and other types of outings in New York City. The city is arguably the entertainment mecca of the world and has plenty of venues and activities all days of the week and all hours of day and night. Regardless if your preference is musical entertainment, nightclubs, Broadway plays, famous restaurants and eateries, museums, parks, or more, there is something to tickle your fancy in New York. When conducting business in an entertainment environment, a relaxing yet interesting ambiance can be very appropriate.

The historic yet modern diverse universal city culture of NYC is a popular destination for business and pleasure for corporations and individuals. Historical landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and others make great themed outings to stay in proximity of when engaging in entertainment in the city. Famous diners such as the Lombardi’s Pizzeria on Spring Street or Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn make some of the best New York style pizza that is world famous. For a most impressive dynamic view of the city to conduct business or for romance, the Top of the Rock Observation Deck on the top floors of the Rockefeller Plaza is excellent. The Metropolitan Museum of Art may be a very impressive place for entertainment that is educational and possibly related to any business endeavors of yours. Enjoying world famous theatrical production from Broadway from theaters such as the Ambassador and the New Amsterdam Theater is a must experience for NYC entertainment. Times Squares captures the magic, creativity, and ambiance perfectly and provides many sights and forms of entertainment in daytime and night life. Even central park is a vibrant place to be in the summer and hosts free entertainment and festivals in warm months.

Musical venues, live performances, and concerts provide a great atmosphere for business as it doesn’t have to demand vigorous visual attention. This entertainment can be enjoyed under all circumstances in New York City as it is a paradise for music lovers. Businesses dealing with the musical industry are especially accommodated in these entertainment outlets. Opera, jazz bands, popular music, hip hop, oldies, alternative, techno, and many more styles and formats are available to listen to. Music clubs with VIP rooms, tables, or exquisite menus are especially appropriate. Great locations for pristine music in NYC include the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The theaters in New York City are world renown and are featured and concentrated in Manhattan between 53rd and 42nd street and 6th and 8th avenues. This small section of the city is a mecca for high quality theatrical productions that are performed nightly. Broadway plays offer professional acting with huge stars at times with reasonable pricing of tickets around $40. There is also off Broadway Theater, dance clubs, and a vibrant night life to choose from.

Different types of night experiences in the city includes vibrant jazz clubs, night clubs, lounges, sports bars, fine dining establishments, and much more. Finding somewhere cozy to eat, listen to music, and conduct business or enjoy personal company is very easy here. Reducing the seriousness and tension of some business encounters may benefit from comedy clubs and stand up performances. Bars and pubs are also nice low key places to enjoy a drink and conversation after hours.