The 2016 Pérez Art Museum Fundraiser Event

The 2016 Perez Art Museum Miami Gala took place and was graced by 800 philanthropists in the world of art, artists and those with civic standing in the community. It was hailed an enormous success. PAMM raised over 1 million dollars to support the museum and its educational programs that serve the cultural community.

This party was heavily efficient and quite effective in the realm of fund-raising having 3 parties within one party. The chef’s table dinner was a charming out door affair that attracted some key players such as Miami Mayor Carlos Gimmenez; Jackie Soffer and her husband, the collector and trustee for PAMM. Chuck Close, who is billed as one of the most influential artists of our time. The museum that was being supported that night holds a special private collection that it does not change. Among the permanent resident artists stands the amazing and influential artwork of Chuck Close. Truly momentous night for him as well as all attendees and honorees. The energy and fund-raising success on an event like this was second to none, the energy was spectacular without a hitch.

The third party was the supper club that hosted such guests as Tara Soloman,Nick D’Annunzio, Soledad and Justin Lowe and Elana Jones withDirk DeSouza ans Rachel and Roy Benmeir.

The successful concept of the party was the brainchild of Lee Brian Schrage. Delectable dishes by Food Network chef and personality Alex Guarnaschelli were served to satisfaction. DJ DZA laid down some tunes for all who attended. The guests’ full body of senses were tantalized by a wall to ceiling coloring book, something nearly unheard of anywhere else. Guests also had digital sketch artists for some techie artistic visual entertainment.

You would have thought the night was over once the party started to wind down but, gusts were led off to another party and then finally a third. It’s a wonder that they raised the money they did. The food, minor celebrities and well-known heavy hitters in the city alongside people with all kinds of influence shared the night. And just when you thought it was really over, the Remix party–the finale for the evening regaled with a 7-piece band.

The most impressive thing about the Pérez Art Museum Gala is that with the number of people that showed up to be entertained in exchange for their time and generous support, each party was better than the next.