Ryan Reynolds Is Bestowed Hasty Pudding “Man of the Year” Award

At Farkas Hall in Cambridge (hall named for Andrew Farkas, http://www.andrewlfarkas.com/), Massachusetts last Friday Ryan Reynolds was the recipient of the annual Hasty Pudding award for “Man of the Year.” The star of last year’s “Deadpool” was very much in the right spirit for accepting his pudding pot. The Hasty Pudding Award ceremony is known for its lively comic atmosphere and Ryan definitely contributed to that. Giving a lap dance to a male attendee in drag, putting a Deadpool-themed bra over his black velvet tux and smashing an actual green lantern with a sledgehammer he was given proved he understood the tone of the festivities. The ceremony is basically a roast. Octavia Spencer received the “Woman of the Year” pot.

The Hasty Pudding Society, informally called The Pudding, began in the mid-1700s and continues its yearly productions of burlesque crossdressing musicals. The first musical performance wasn’t until 1844 but The Pudding aims to preserve retro-styled values such as live-pit orchestration, all male casts and low-tech production values. Guan Chen, President of Hasty Pudding Theatricals, commented on Reynolds as an appropriate choice for the award by saying, “…if his headline-stealing kiss with Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globes is any indication, it looks like he’s getting ready for his roast.” The Pudding also seeks out serious new talents in all the fields of the performing arts such as writing, directing as well as performing in theater, television and film. It boasts many alumni who’ve gone on to receive awards and much critical acclaim.

Reynolds was encouraged to poke fun at New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady in his acceptance speech. Being that the awards ceremony was two days before this year’s Super Bowl, he hesitated to do that saying “You know we’re in Boston, right?” He did however question Brady’s “voting skills,” a political jab since Brady is a Trump supporter. It was all in fun though. Smashing the green lantern was a symbolic slam of a previous super hero film Reynolds starred in. That film, 2011’s “Green Lantern,” received mostly negative reviews. Reynolds met his wife, Blake Lively, during the filming of that movie however. He played the title character and she starred opposite him. Now with the huge success of “Deadpool” Reynolds has redeemed himself for his portrayal of super heroes. “Deadpool” puts a comic spin on the genre though and Reynolds is no stranger to comedy as his performance during the awards ceremony proved.