No Buyouts for You

The business students at Dartmouth who just came from a talk with David Leuschen of Riverstone Holdings walked away with a few things that they can use with their own companies in the future, but one of the biggest things was to build companies up. David wants kids to learn how to handle companies that have been taken over, and he does not want them to just run them off the map by selling them.

The kids that are going to learn the most from David has to be willing to hold onto companies that they might buy in the future. David was very specific about building up companies instead of tearing them down, and this is why he has been a success. This is the most important part of investing on a large scale.

Building up Takes Work

A lot of people do not want to build anything up because they know that it takes way too long to get done. David wants to make sure that people understand that the time they put in is going to be worth it. This also means that they are going to have a viable business that could become part of the family. Many people who are tearing down businesses are trying to make as much money as possible, but making sure that a company is built up is going to make it much easier for their families to move in and take over. Building a family business may be important, and these families will all have different entities to handle.

Building up Takes Research

The companies that someone is building up have to be totally understood if they are going to be worth anything. That means that the people who are doing the building are going to have to study a lot to make sure that they have a good idea of how each company works. They are going to have to get industry professionals to help them, and they are going to be able to make the right decisions for the new company.

David wants all the students to know that there is a way to handle this that is going to be safe for everyone. People get to keep their jobs, and there are a lot of businesses that are going to start making a lot more money because they were built up once they were bought out entirely.