New York City’s Iconic Skyscrapers

New York City is a spectacular blend of awe-inspiring stores, restaurants, and of course, the buildings. Thanks to limited space as Manhattan was developing, builders had no choice but to go up. Here are 5 iconic New York City skyscrapers that should not be missed when visiting.

One World Trade Center
1776 Ft. high
104 stories
Tallest building in the Western Hemisphere

This beautiful structure is the work of Architect David M. Childs and is an incredible addition to the Manhattan skyline that opened in October of 2014. Prepare to be amazed as you visit “One World Observatory,” providing a view 1250 ft above street level.

Empire State Building (ESRT)
1250 Ft. high
Takes up an entire city block
Completed in 1931

The Empire State Building was designed by William Frederick Lamb, and the structure was completed in less than 14 months. The most famous, and less expensive viewing platform is on the 86th floor, but there is another platform on the 102nd floor for those who want to spend a little more.

The Chrysler Building
1046 Ft. high
Opened in 1931
Famous example of Art Deco architecture

Designed by Architect William Van Alen for auto giant Walter P. Chrysler. Until 1945 visitors could visit the Celestial observation deck on the 71st floor, but today visitors are only allowed in the lobby area. The lobby itself is worth the visit to take in the art deco style and murals.

40 Wall Street
927 Ft. high
Completed in 1930
Known as the “Crown Jewel of Wall Street”

Designed by George Ohrstrom and the building was completed in only 93 days. 40 Wall Street was once owned by Ferdinand Marcos but later purchased by Donald Trump.

Woolworth Building
793.5 Ft. high
Constructed in 1913
Designed by Cass Gilbert

No longer is the tallest building in Manhattan, the Woolworth Building still an amazing example of Neo-Gothic architecture. Unfortunately like other gems, the observation deck closed in the 40’s, but this is still a building you must see.

Enjoy your visit to New York City and especially the experience of the incredible architecture. The city is full of beautiful and historic marvels!