Lacoste Supports Miami Open with Pop-Up Tennis Court Exhibition

Aventura Mall is a first-rate shopping center in the Miami, Florida area. Under CEO, Jackie Soffer of Turnberry Associates, Aventura is made up of high-end designer shops, various fine dining establishments and so much more.

In March of 2016, Aventura was even home to a fun “pop-up” Lacoste tennis court. This was to prepare for the Miami Open. Lacoste was directly involved with the event and as a result wanted to spread awareness of it to the public. Since the Aventura Mall is a popular and beloved shopping spot in the Miami area, it made a strong choice for the company. Staff members of the Miami Open all sported polo shirts made by Lacoste. They also used other types of gear offered by the brand.

The pop-up court stayed at Aventura Mall for eight whole days. It was close to full-scale in size (30 x 50 feet). Lacoste’s goal with this tennis court was to promote the excitement of the upcoming Miami Open. That’s why the brand planned an abundance of events centered around it. Some of these activities were tennis player signings, serve speed contests, yoga classes for mothers and youngsters, adult clinics and even private tennis lessons. Ambassadors for Lacoste also made appearances at the pop-up court. Examples of these prominent members of the Lacoste team are Gustavo Kuerten (often known simply as “Guga”) and Mats Wilander. Kuerten in the past was a top Brazilian tennis player. He’s won both the Tennis Masters Cup and the French Open. Wilander is a Swede who also used to be a top tennis player. He has a vast assortment of Grand Slam titles under his belt.

Joelle Grunberg is Lacoste North America’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and president. She said that Lacoste and tennis go hand in hand. She also said that putting a tennis court in Aventura Mall gave the brand the chance to showcase tennis to the people of South Florida in a distinctive manner. A shopping center is a rather one-of-a-kind and unconventional atmosphere for a tennis court. She also noted that Aventura Mall’s Lacoste shop is among the largest branches in the entire nation. That’s why Aventura Mall made an optimal location for the pop-up tennis court.

People who visited Aventura Mall in March probably didn’t have a tough time finding the pop-up court. It was placed in the shopping center’s lower level center court. Most people who visited the mall probably saw it instantly. People had to chance to learn, have fun and get ready for the thrills of the Miami Open.