Famous Buildings in the New York City Area to Visit

One of the main reasons people visit New York City is to the famous skyscrapers and buildings that make up its legendary skyline. These buildings have been in as many movies as most Hollywood stars and have hosted hundreds of famous people. They are within the heart of the city and are quite easy to find. Here are the top five buildings that people from around the world love to visit:

Anthony Malkin’s Empire State Building: The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic skyscrapers in New York City. At 1,250 feet tall, the building was completed in 1931 and held the record for the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years. The skyscraper has been in several movie scenes, such as King Kong and Superman. Visitors can enjoy tours and an observation deck. The building is highlighted with colored spotlights in honor of different colors. A plethora of famous singers, actors, and politicians have had their picture taken in this famous building.

GE Building: This skyscraper was built in 1933 by tycoon John D. Rockefeller and was originally named the RCA building. It is 850 feet tall and houses the NBC studios, where many of their programs and newscasts are produced. The GE building also has an observatory deck that is called “The Top of The Rock”. Since it is home to NBC, many famous people are in and out of its doors every day.

The Flatiron Building: Built in 1902, this 307-foot tall triangular building has never been one of the tallest in New York; however, it is famous for its unique architecture and has been the subject of several famous works of art. Originally an office building for the Fuller company, it now houses publishing businesses and several fancy restaurants and shops.

Carnegie Hall: As America’s Mecca of musical performance, some of the greatest talents in history has passed through its doors. It opened in 1891 and was built by billionaire philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The building was built in a grand Italian Renaissance style. From the classical music of Gershwin to the pop rock of Cher, Carnegie Hall has seen a lot of music.

The Chrysler Building: Walter Chrysler, the automobile baron, had this skyscraper built in 1931 and it was the first man-made structure to reach 1,000 ft. Standing at 1,039 feet, it was the world’s tallest building until the Empire State Building opened. It’s Art Deco style and Renaissance sculptures have made it one of the most admired building in the world. It boasts nearly 4,000 windows and is made of stainless, nickel-chromium steel. The whole building is illuminated at night, creating a breath-taking view.