New York City’s Finest Skyscrapers

The Empire State Building ESRT
Address: 350 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

This is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. It took only 410 days to complete this Art Deco themed building. The architect was William F. Lamb. It remained the tallest building in the world from 1931 to 1970. There are observation decks open to the public. The highest point is 1,454 ft with 102 floors. This building has been featured in several films such as King Kong, An Affair to Remember, and Sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Impact of Urban Real Estate on NYC Neighborhood

Modern energy and urban development are changing NYC’s past by introducing new structures. The companies which are involved in the development of urban estate include Spandrel Development, and Joseph Sitt who invest in a resort and residential developments, Forester City Partner involved in economic and local communities’ development while Partners and Foster focus on industrial and residential development. NYC is a city where by transportation below and above ground operates 24/7 with Turner Construction participating in building new concrete stairways in the city subways. The modern and new structure designs are helping by improving urban lifestyle and neighborhood’s activities hence giving the residents of NYC a preference. Therefore, the resident enjoys the...

Silver Run Completes Its Acquisition of Centennial Resource Production, LLC

Silver Run has also expanded the number of its board of directors to eight from the previous four members. This consists of persons such as Maire A. Baldwin, Mark G. Papa, Karl Bandtel, Pierre F. Lapeyre Jr, Jeffrey H. Tepper, Tony R. Weber, David M. Leuschen and Robert M Tichio.

Mall Giant Westfield Corp. Hires Broadway Producer to Up Entertainment Factor

Those that have marveled at the beauty of the musical The Color Purple on Broadway will likely find that the news of its producer, Scott Sanders, leaving the production as somewhat of a shock, especially due to where he is going. Sanders, who owns a self-named production company in New York, sold the group to Westfield Corporation, a global commercial real estate company specializing in building and operating malls. Coming off winning the “Best Musical Revival” Tony Award for his theatrical version of the The Color Purple, Westfield hopes Sanders will be a great fit for their first-ever Creative Head of Global Entertainment. This acquisition does not relieve Sanders of his connections with his namesake brand or its productions. In fact, as part of the business...

Tips and Strategies to Garner Business Success

A business plan provides a substantive roadmap to be followed. It allows an entrepreneur to maintain focus, even when facing the rough patches that always come when developing, launching or building a successful business venture.

IGY Marinas Gets Involved in Giving Back

IGY Marinas’, where the IGY stands for Island Global Yachting, will be involved for two days next year in “Inspire Giving through You”, a community service event involving the entire yachting community.