Best observation platforms of NYC

Like to take marvelous photos? Fan of breathtaking views? This article is for those who would like to feel themselves “on the Top of the world” during their visit to New York . This is top 3 most famous NY skyscrapers.

1. Empire State Building

Being in Manhattan and doesn’t visit the Empire State Building is like coming to Paris forgetting to take a look at the Eiffel Tower. This gorgeous office building has been the symbol of New York state and Anthony Malkin for more than 80 years. To get to this landmark is very easy, it is located on the 34 street, in the center of Midtown, and thanks to New York straight streets you are able to see “Empire” almost from all parts of the city. Elevator will take goes to the 102 floor from which people are able to see all 5 boroughs. Every night thousands of lights cover the top of the skyscraper. By the way once Emma Watson was lightening this famous landmark on the International Women’s Day. Everyone can buy tickets online ( in that way it is possible not only avoid a long line, but also save $2) or there are a lot of people in the green uniform who are selling tickets all over the city.

2.Top of The Rock

Not a lot of people have heard about this roof but definitely everyone have seen pictures both with the famous view on Central Park and all Midtown. It is situated in the main building of Rockefeller center between 6th & 5th avenue. While visitor is waiting in the line he’ll be shown a video about construction of Rockefeller empire, so time will fly fast. Video contains materials from Christmas tree lightening celebration and performances of such stars as Madonna, Tailor Swift, Lady Gaga and others. Observation platform consists of 3 levels. A lot of people are acting like typical tourists : beginning to make 100 photos of Empire State building just they have stepped out of the elevator. Instead of that it is much more better to go straight to the 3rd floor. That is the only one observation roof without glass or grille in New York so persons posts on Instagram will be of the high quality.

3.World Trade Center

This giant skyscraper was build not long ago near “September 11th Memorial”. After the tragedy, Americans decided to show of the world their power and raised a building even bigger than the Twin Towers. Lines are huge but the view is worth it. Floor of the observation platform is made of glass and so it seems like people are flying high in the sky. The World Trade Center is so huge, that it is impossible to see the top of it in the foggy weather and people who are working on the 100 floor are on the same level with the clouds.