After a $1 Billion Renovation, the Westfield Century City is Bigger and Better Than Ever

A two-year renovation project on the tri-level Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles was completed in September, bringing shoppers luxuries like optimized parking, high-quality restrooms and hidden, elite elevators.

The upgrade, which cost $1 billion, is part of a larger movement toward enticing consumers away from their computers and back to shopping on foot. The mall was a good candidate for an upgrade because it is in a high-performing location.

Westfield Co-CEO Peter Lowy said, “The mall design is meant to be a sanctuary. A place you will go that is soft, relaxing and you do what you want at your own pace.”

Those who choose reserved valet parking, which starts at $20 for a four-hour time slot, are guided to their space after a license plate scan. Reserved spots are also available without valet service, and there is unreserved parking for those who use the mall’s official phone app.

The upgrade brought in 200 new restaurants and stores. The mall also now features private elevators and lounges and offers special shopping hours for celebrities who want to make their purchases in peace.

Lowy added that a typical mall is a boring space, and the Westfield project had to take a creative approach to make it attractive to shoppers. This meant dedicating only one-third of the mall to clothing and splitting the rest into eating, drinking, health and entertainment areas. Along with non-traditional options like a gym, a cryotherapy clinic and a boxing studio, shoppers can opt for old favorites like bookstores and the movie theater.

The mall, which was built in the 1960s, did not offer many places to sit, and the upgrade changed that by installing modern, comfortable furniture, including a few hanging beds. This was done to encourage people to stay longer and immerse themselves in the experience.

Another addition is the Atrium, an outdoor space for plays and concerts. Designed to hold 1,000 people, the Atrium will feature events throughout the year for both adults and children. The space also contains olive trees that were saved from an office complex that was torn down for the Westfield expansion.

The mall’s retailers are hoping the upgrade will attract more celebrity clientele, which can set trends and put brand names on the map. Overall, the new mall will bring a unique shopping experience that is not available anywhere else.