Tips for Visiting the Empire State Building

Buy your NYC tickets in advance

Lines to the ticket office are upwards of an hour.

Get an express pass!

It’s worth the extra $20 for the express pass, because the line to get into the lobby (that will stretch around the block) is followed by several other lines.

Evolving into New York’s Greatest Entrepreneur

Recently, E.B. Solomont sat down with one of New York’s most prestigious figures, Tony Malkin, the CEO of Empire State Realty Trust. Malkin has paved the way through taking the family’s privately owned company Malkin Holdings public, to being one of the nation’s largest real estate giants, and Empire State Realty Trust controls most of Manhattan’s commercial properties, including the Empire State Building. While perceived as another major Rockefeller-like figure in his own rite, the great entrepreneur has partaken of his own will, some of the more humble aspects of life, and learned many lessons from the most important people in his life. Malkin was introduced to the real estate business from an early age in life, being the son and...